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Tbilisi International Contest of Young Pianists was established in 2003 and is being held every three yearsThe contest  is open for any  young musician within the following age categories:


I      Category             9-10-11    years

II    Category           12-13-14    years

III   Category          15-16-17     years



The VIII competition will be held in 2022 in two stages:  

I Stage - I tour will be held in form of video recordings on April 01-05, 2022.

II Stage - II tour and the final concert will be held in Tbilisi on July 01-05, 2022 (in correspondance with the anti-epidemic regulations).


The I tour video shall be a good quality continuous uninterapted shot, without any editing.

 Along with the recording, participants shall send the contest documentation (see application).

 The list of participants allowed to the II tour will be known on April 20 and published on the contest web-page and facebook (see contacts).

 Only 50% of participants will reach the final round.

 The order of appearance of the competitors will be determined according to the Georgian alphabet.

 Every finalist will be given a diploma  or a certificate.

 The winners of the three prizes of the contest  will be conferred  the title of the winner of the Tbilisi International Contest of Young Pianists.

 Participants will be granted with monetary awards, special prizes and gifts.

 All winners shall attend the award ceremony.

 Winners of the competition shall participate in the final concert without compensation.

 All pieces shall be performed by heart. 

 All hearings shall be public.

 No alterations shall be allowed in the  presented program.

 Duration of the performance shall be  indicated and shall not exceed the established time-limit.




The Jury may decide not to award one or more of the prizes or to divide them.

The Jury members are not allowed to participate in the estimation of their students.

 The decision of the Jury is final and incontestable.





Accommodation (with preferential prices) will be offered to the  participants and their accompanying persons.

 Participants will be provided with practicing and rehearsal time within a fixed time limit.